Countries of the world, to the Arena! The Nations Cup is here, the most important international Clash Royale country competition. More than 60 national teams will be competing from next May 21st for the same goal: to become world champions.

The first figure of the Clash Royale World Cup, however, will not jump into the Arena: Totem. Totem is the image of the Nations Cup and also the trophy that will be lifted on the 29th of July by one of the national teams that are part of the World Cup. There are four faces of the Totem, one for each element present both on Earth and in the Clash Royale Arena, and four stages for the Nations Cup:

  • Ice Stage, in which all the national teams, divided by region, will fight for a place in the group stage of the competition. 16 groups, of which only 32 will reach the next stage. The Ice Stage, which is played in one leg, will start on May 21th and end in the second week of June.
  • Wind Stage: The 32 surviving national teams will be divided into eight groups of four and face off against each other, just as in the football World Cup. The first two in each group will have access to the knockout bracket. The Wind Stage starts on June 25th and ends on July 8th.

  • Lightning Stage, consisting of a round of 16 and a round of 8 (quarter-finals). In the Round of 16, the 16 best national teams in the world will face off for a place in the quarter-finals. This round will be played between July 15th and 18th. Then, on July 21st and 22nd, the eight surviving teams will fight to reach the semi-finals of the Nations Cup in the quarter-finals round.
  • Fire Stage: The final stage of the tournament will be played in a face-to-face basis in Tenerife (Spain). Two semi-finals and the grand final of the tournament, in which we will meet the world champion of Clash Royale. All the matches of the Fire Stage will be played on July 29th. There will be news about this stage soon.

As we said, the competition will start on May 21st with matches between national teams from the same geographical area. Only the 32 best countries will qualify for the Wind Stage, the group stage, which will take place during July and in which there will be no geographical restrictions.  

The two best national teams of each group will fight in direct duels in the round of 16 and the quarter-finals for a place in the finals, which will be played entirely in a face-to-face basis in Tenerife on July 29th. On that day we will have a new Clash Royale world champion