1. General Structure CR Nations Cup

1.1 Group Stage

1.1.1 Format

Event format is comprised of two group phases in a round-robin format. The first phase will have all the teams from the countries that enroll in the competition divided into 16 groups organized by region. The two top teams from each group will advance to the next stage of the competition. The second phase will be formed by 8 groups of 4 teams each and the first two of each group will qualify for the Playoffs.

Each match has seven (7) sets, each set will consist of a best of three (Bo3) which will be played 1v1 between two different members of each team. No player can play two sets in the same match except in the case of a 3 set tie, in which case the final set will be played in "champion mode" where each team chooses a player to play the final set.

Both players may ban a card before each set. This ban is universal (neither player can use it). It is forbidden to play the banned card throughout the course of that set. The bans are not cumulative between different sets.

1.1.2 Scoring system

Teams receive three (3) points per win and zero (0) points per defeat during the group stage. Standings are made from highest to lowest based on the obtained points. The playoffs will be single elimination matches.

1.1.3 Rosters

All teams are required to have seven (7) players and can have up to ten (10) in their roster. Players need to be at least sixteen (16) years old before July 31, 2018 to play an official match.

Participating players must have the nationality of the country for which they compete, otherwise they may not participate in the competition.

1.1.4 Lineups

Match lineup will consist of six (6) players and one substitute. The team will have the possibility to switch one of its six (6) players with the substitute in the lineup during the match.

The manager or coach must upload the roster for the match (six players with the order of play and the substitute) on the website of CR Nations Cup no later than 3 hours before the match. Teams will have access to the rosters 1 hour before the start of the match. If the roster for the match is not uploaded before the deadline, the lineup for that match will follow the order of the first six players registered.

1.1.5 Tiebreakers

In the case of a tie on points in the group standings, the following rules will apply:

  • Ties between two teams. . Their direct encounters will be taken into account and the team that scored more wins from the two will occupy the top position in the standings.
  • Ties between three teams. . First direct encounters between those involved will be taken into account and the teams that have won more victories will occupy the top positions.

If there is a tie between two teams applying this rule, the ties between two teams rule will then be applied. If a three-way tie remains unsolved, the teams will be classified based on the number of sets won and lost throughout the group.

If the tie still persists then they will be classified based on who had the least number of sets lost for the whole group.

In case of scheduling issues, LVP reserves the right to change the date of the match and notify all teams as soon as possible.

1.2 Playoff

1.2.1 Format

The 16 teams that qualify for the playoff stage of the competition will face off in a single elimination bracket. All matches will be played best of seven (7) sets following the game mode used in the previous rounds.

1.2.2 Pairings

Match ups will be based on the position of the groups.

1.3 Player registration regulations

1.3.1 Deadlines for Player Registration

Teams may add players to their team during the following periods:

  • Round of 64 to Round of 32: : This period starts the day after the last match of the round of 64 has been played and ends on June 24th at 23:59h CET Spanish.
  • Round of 32 to Round of 16: This period starts on July 15th at 00:01h and ends on July 21st at 23:59h Spanish mainland time.
  • Coaches: Can be changed at any time during the tournament.

Every time a new player is registered, the team must submit the following documentation to LVP to complete the registration of the player.

  • Player’s passport / temporary passport / player ID before the start of the competition.
  • Proof of nationality of the country for which he/she wants to compete.

LVP will not register the player / coach as a team member until such documentation has been received or if documentation is received past the deadline for each period of incorporation of players.

1.4 Match Rules

1.4.1 Clan

All games played online will be played in a clan created by LVP. Players must be inside the clan and should not leave it until the end of the match. If a clan change is needed, the league will provide all the information to captains of each team via the official tournament server in Discord.

1.4.2 Support

It is recommended that players be available 30 minutes before the official start time of the match. At that time, players must have the latest patch updates installed and game options properly adjusted.

1.4.3 Schedule Changes

In the case of matches lasting beyond their allocated timeframes and other issues that might arise, teams should be available up to 2 hours after the official match time. Referees can start the game at any time within this period and call a new official time 10 minutes prior to it.

1.4.4 Banned Cards

A card that has come out recently will be banned until the card can be obtained by everyone (usually 14 days after it comes out). LVP may ban cards that have issues/bugs and will notify all teams ahead of time.

1.4.5 Game Account

The game account must match the game account provided when the player was registered. Names must not contain profanity or be offensive. LVP will notify the team if a name is not acceptable and will need to be changed.

The game account of the player should remain the same for the entire competition. If a player wants to change it, must notify LVP for approval. Failure to follow these rules could result in sanctions against the team or the player.

1.4.6 Default in Matches

If a team (six (6) players) does not show within fifteen (15) minutes after the official start time of the match provided by LVP, the team will forfeit the game and the opposing team will be declared victor of the match.

LVP disclaims all responsibility and liability in this case, as well as with DDOS attacks, or players losing Internet connectivity.

1.4.7 Lauching of the Match

The away team will be responsible for requesting all the matches during a game and they will have one minute to launch the game from the moment indicated by the referee. Failure to do this the first time will result in a warning from the referee and if this happens more than once in the same match, it will result in the player losing the match.

1.4.8 Entering a match by mistake

In the case that a player enters a game that is not his own, that player’s team will lose one game from the set being played at the moment.

1.4.9 Banning

At the beginning of each set, the captain must notify the referee their ban for the next set. Failure to communicate this to the referee in the established timeframe (until the first game of that set ends) will result in no Bans during the set.

1.4.10 Using a banned card

Playing a banned card will result in the loss of the current match for 3 crowns to 0. Carrying a banned card in the deck but not playing this card throughout the game will not result in any penalty.

1.4.11 Rescheduling games due to Force Majeure

In the event that an unforeseen event or in extreme circumstances such as the server being down or other external factors that prevent the match from being played on the official date, LVP will reschedule the match to a different day and the same roster will need to be used for the new date.

1.4.12 Losing Connectivity

If connectivity is lost during the game, the player must regain connectivity as soon as possible. Rematch will not be granted for any disconnection.

1.4.13 Game Tie

In the case of a tie in the game, the "Single Tower Damage" system will be used. The player who is closer from destroying a rival’s tower will win the battle.

1.4.14 Identity check

The referees can ask the players to make a voice test to verify their identity. These checks will be done randomly and without warning or if requested by the opposing team. Refusal to perform the check will result in sanctions.

1.4.15 Streaming ban

Players and coaches are not allowed to perform a stream of any game.

1.4.16 Rights to Use of Images

CR Nations Cup participants willingly authorize FANDROID, referring to any images/videos taken during the competition and also referring to any content in which he/she participates, to record or take any sequence and/or interview in which they participate to incorporate them to any work or recording FANDROID deems appropriate (for now on, "Works") and therefore to exclusively and with the right of assignment to third parties reproduce, publicly communicate, dispose, transform, dub, subtitle and distribute, via any system, format, procedure, modality or technology the aforementioned images/videos and, as the case may be, the Works to which these images/videos are incorporated to, during the maximum time established by the current Copyright Law (Spanish Ley de Propiedad Intelectual) and to be exploited worldwide.

Transferred rights include the exploitation via any means, format and/or T.V system, cinema system or video system, including household use, video on demand, printed, recorded, interactive system, "On Line" system, including Internet (web, Youtube and social media), phone system, any portable device and, on the whole, any system or device that allows data reception/hosting in any portable or regular device, among other things.

There are also included among these exploitation transferred rights every outcoming and incidental exploitation, including merchandising, using isolated parts, summary, sequences, fragments, images, frames, photographs or sound elements to be exploited in an isolated way or via incorporation into other works and/or recordings, including promotional or advertising ones.

It is mandatory that at least one player from each team is available to conduct an interview in front of a camera.

During the season, content will be created around the players and such content may include interviews with them. It is mandatory that interview questions be answered by the player no later than 48 hours after the questions are sent.

1.4.17 Victory due to external causes

In the extreme case of an unforeseen event occurring with the game servers that do not allow the match to continue, the referee will stop the game and the current match will be restarted. If it is not possible to continue the match due to servers being down, the match will be rescheduled to another day.

1.4.18 Calendar changes

LVP reserves the right to make changes to the timetable and schedule of matches. In this case, LVP will notify all teams as soon as possible.

1.5 Code of Conduct

Players and team members must always be polite with their opponents, the audience, and the staff of LVP. In particular, any violent behavior or language that violates the dignity of people will not be allowed. Team members should keep in mind that matches are broadcasted and are therefore accessible to minors.

Players and team members are required to meet the regulations of the CR Nations Cup and pay attention to the instructions of the referees during matches.

Players may not take illegal substances.

It is forbidden to let the opponent win or play poorly on purpose in order to affect the outcome of the game. If this happens, the case will be examined by the sports committee and the player and/or team will be sanctioned accordingly.

LVP has the right to evaluate and sanction irregular conduct by a team member including, but not limited to, social networks, online forums, streamings, or emails.

2. Teams and Awards

2.1 Quitting the Team

If a player leaves his team unilaterally during season 2018, the player cannot be registered again in the competition.

2.2 Missing roster and documentation

If a team fails to deliver the required roster and documentation requested by LVP by due date the team might be removed from the competition.

2.3 Prize

The CR Nations Cup will pay a total of € 25,000* to be shared.

  • First place: 11.000€
  • Second place: 6.500€
  • Third place: 4.000€
  • Fourth place: 2.500€
  • Individual awards: 1.000€
*Prizes subject to withholding, applicable taxes will be deducted.

2.4 Pyments to the Teams

Payments will be made equally among the 9 team members traveling to the finals.

2.5 Removal of a Team

If a team is removed from the tournament, all their matches will be lost and points will be added to the other teams.

3. Face-to-face Match Regulations

3.1 Travel Expenses

LVP will cover the cost of air travel, transportation, lodging, and allowance for the four (4) teams that qualify for the final event. Costs covered will be for a total of nine (9) members per team: 7 Players + 2 Staff.

3.2 Team Uniform

Players must wear the following: Team T-Shirt/Jacket or full team uniform, all players must wear the same color shirt. Long jeans/dark trousers (in case of not having a uniform)

Coaches must wear the following: Business Casual or full team uniform.

Any team member who takes the stage will not be allowed to wear shorts, bathing suits or tracksuits other than the team uniform and they may not play with any type of garment that covers their head (caps, hats, bandanas).

3.3 Connectivity

All players must use the WiFi provided by LVP to play their matches.

3.4 Coaches

Teams may be accompanied on stage by a coach with whom they can communicate between games. Once the game begins, the player who is playing cannot communicate with anyone. Coaches are subject to the same code of conduct as the players.

The coaches of the teams MAY:

  • Talk to players between games.
  • Encourage their players, being respectful to the opponent, audience and referees.
  • Storage or provide hardware or other materials necessary for players.

The coaches of the teams MAY NOT:

  • Provide strategic information to players about their rivals during the course of the match.
  • Take pictures or record videos inside the gaming arena.

3.5 Leave the stand before the game is over

Players must wait for the end of the game to leave the stand and leave the playing area, otherwise they will be sanctioned.

3.6 Deck set-up

Players must set-up their decks before they start their match.

3.7 Losing Connectivity during the match

If a player loses connectivity during a match, the referees may decide to restart the game after analyzing the match or give the victory if they see it fits based on the state of the game.

3.8 Remake

If there is a match remake both players can swap decks.

3.9 Hardware and peripherals

Players must play with their own devices and the soundproof headphones provided by LVP.

Coaches may use a notebook, laptop, mobile device or tablet.

3.10 Stage

Each team will be provided an area separate from their opponent. There will not be any visibility of the rival’s screen.

No player or staff member from any team is allowed to access the stage without the permission of the referees. Access to the stage without permission will result in a sanction.

The team areas will have cameras for better monitoring of the competition without disturbing the progress of the game or the players.

Both teams should leave the stage when pointed by the referee. If a player leaves the playing area or the backstage area without permission from a referee for whatever reason, he shall be sanctioned.

4. Referee

4.1 Authority

Each match will be controlled by a referee who has full authority to enforce the rules of that match.

4.2 Decisions

Decisions will be made according to the best judgment of the referee based on the rules of the game, the rules of the league and the spirit of the game, and based on the opinion of the referee, who has the discretion to take appropriate decisions within the framework of the established rules.

The decisions of the referee regarding facts related with a match, including the remake, resuming or not a game, and the result of the match, are final.

The referee cannot change a decision if he realizes it was wrong or pursuant to an indication of another member of the refereeing team once the game has resumed or once the game is over.

4.3 Disciplinary Measures

The referee can take disciplinary action against players that commit offenses deserving a reprimand or expulsion.

The referee shall have the authority to take disciplinary action from the time when a session starts, including the inspection before the match until he/she leaves once the match is finished (including pauses and breaks between games). Before starting a match, if a player commits a violation worthy of expulsion, the referee has the authority to not allow the player to play the game; the referee shall create a report documenting all kinds of misconduct.

The refereeing team can also take action against members of the coaching staff of teams that do not act responsibly and may ban them from the stage and backstage areas.

4.4 External interference during live events

The referee will stop, suspend temporarily or permanently the match for any infringement of the rules or external interference such as when:

  • An object thrown by a spectator strikes a member of the refereeing team, a player or a member of the coaching team; the referee may allow the match to continue, or stop, suspend it temporarily or permanently, depending on the severity of the incident
  • A spectator deliberately communicates with the players to give information about the rival team.
  • Server connection failure or connection problems that the organization understands will hinder the progress of the game.

5. General rules

5.1 Sponsorships

A CR Nations Cup team can subscribe sponsorship contracts, but they must be notified to LVP including artwork for inclusion in the web. Should the sponsorship ends, LVP shall be notified so the sponsor name and materials can be removed. By no means may Teams sign sponsorship contracts with companies operating in the following sectors (either traditional or online channels):

  • Real money betting websites: Any website that helps or encourages betting on sporting events, eSports events and/or allows bets on casino games, including poker.
  • Illegal substances websites.
  • Alcoholic beverages regardless of their alcohol level as well as other products or substances which sale and use are regulated by law.
  • Any "Publisher" or video game developer.
  • Pharmaceutical products that require prescription.
  • Skins, accounts or eloboosting trading websites and fake or illegal virtual items trading websites, or for any other cause, involving a breach of the Terms of Use of Valve.
  • Weapons or ammunition trading.
  • Pornography or erotic products.
  • Tobacco and tobacco related products.

If there is any doubt about a sponsorship, the team shall notify LVP to take advise in the decision.

5.2 Right To Modify the Rules

LVP reserves the right to change the rules at any time necessary in order to ensure fair play and the integrity of the competition.

5.3 Acceptance of this Document

All players and the teams playing the CR Nations Cup automatically accept all the rules established in this document.

5.4 Bets

Players and members of any team participating in the CR Nations Cup are not allowed to conduct any betting of any type on this event, whatever the website.

5.5 Privacy Policy

FANDROID will handle data concerning coaches, streamers and casters in order to register intro the Competition and/or manage their engagement in the aforementioned Competition, check the participants’ age, manage, as the case may be, the travel to participate in the finals and access to the facilities and also the awards ceremony as well as image capture, as indicated in the Privacy Policy..

It is possible to contact the Data Protection Officer (Delegado de Protección de Datos) and exercise access, amendment, removal and where appropriate, opposition, portability and limitation of processing rights quoting Reference: “Protección de Datos –CR Nations Cup 2018” to FANDROID address: Avda. Diagonal, 177-183, Edificio Imagina, 08018, Barcelona; or via mail to [email protected].